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showcases Musae's versatility with an eclectic sampling of holiday music from around the world. The centerpiece is local composer Conrad Susa's "Carols and Lullabies: Christmas in the Southwest," a dazzling work for chorus, harp, marimba, vibraphone, and guitar. Alegría y Placer includes familiar, festive gems both sacred and secular, with traditional European carols and American favorites from spiritual and popular traditions.

Released November 9, 2007
Price: $18
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Track List and Sample Clips

"Carols and Lullabies:
Christmas in the Southwest"
Spanish and Catalan carols
adapted by Conrad Susa (b. 1935)
Allen Biggs, marimba and vibraphone
Paul Binkley, guitar
Anna Maria Mendieta, harp
"¡O, Mi Belén!"
"El Desembre Congelat"
verse 1: Abby Ramsden, Robin Fulmer
verse 2 : Joyce Lin-Conrad, Amy Hayes
verse 3 : Beth Anne Howard, Sabrina Adler
"A la Nanita Nana"
quartet: Amy Hayes (S1), Colleen O'Hara (S2), Katherine Robinson (A1), Anjali Jameson (A2)
"Campana sobre Campana"
verse 1: Abby Ramsden
verse 2: Robin Fulmer
"El Noi de la Mare"
quartet: Sabrina Adler (S1), Abby Ramsden (S2), Rayanne Truesdell (A1), Joyce Lin-Conrad (A2)
"El Rorro"
Franz Grüber (1787-1863)
English text by John F. Young (1820-1885) & anonymous
arr. Pat Parr

Anna Maria Mendieta, harp
"Away in a Manger"
W. J. Kirkpatrick (1838-1921)
text anonymous
arr. David Willcocks

Emil Miland, cello
verse 1: Amy Hayes, Sabrina Adler
verse 3: Rayanne Truesdell
"This Endris Night"
Lana Walter (b. 1948)
15th century English text
"O Magnum Mysterium"
Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)
quartet: Amy Hayes (S1), Rayanne Truesdell (S2), Joyce Lin-Conrad (A1), Anjali Jameson (A2)
"Gabriel's Message"
Basque carol
text paraphrased by Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924)
arr. John Rutter

verse 1: Haley McNamara Cohn
verse 2: Katherine Robinson
verse 3: Colleen O'Hara
"All Night, All Day"
African-American spiritual
arr. Dwight Okamura

verse 1: Hannah Appel
verse 2: Kirstin Cummings
verse 3: Evan Angle
"I'll Be Home for Christmas"
Walter Kent (1911-1994)
text by Kim Gannon (1900-1974)
arr. Mac Huff

solo: Natasha Hoehn
"Deck the Hall"
Welsh carol
arr. John Rutter
"Vus Vet Zayn"
music and Yiddish text anonymous
arr. Stephen Hatfield

solo: Hannah Appel
Joan Szymko (b. 1957)
text by St. Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582)
Emil Miland, cello
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