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Audition Information

Since its founding in 2004, Musae has performed diverse and accessible music throughout the Bay Area, and continues to stretch the boundaries of traditional repertoire for women's voices. Musae functions as a musical collective in which each singer identifies as a leader and soloist and contributes actively to the artistic process.

Audition qualifications include:
  • At least two years choral experience
  • Well-developed vocal, musicianship, and sight-reading skills
  • Vocal flexibility
To make an appointment for an audition, please contact our artistic director, Laney Armstrong, at Application materials can be found here.

What is it like to be a Musae member?

Musae singers are trained in the choral tradition, but are not bound by it. Group members are comfortable:

  • Performing without a conductor
  • Learning and memorizing music quickly and independently
  • Singing a variety of voice parts in a variety of styles
  • Adopting new approaches, innovations, and experiments in musical interpretation
  • Performing diverse solos within the ensemble context
  • Incorporating physicality and staging into performance

Each Musae singer is committed to musical excellence and strives to embody the following core values:

  • Dynamic, versatile, and confident performance
  • Independent and accomplished musicianship
  • The ability to both lead and follow as necessary
  • Vocal accuracy, agility, and expressiveness
  • Active engagement in ongoing learning and growth
  • The ability to take risks and move outside one's personal comfort zone
  • Support of and engagement in the group process
  • The ability to dedicate ample time and energy to producing performances of the highest possible quality
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